Re: Schirwindt (Germany) #general


Valerie Gold writes:
<<my gt grandmother came >from Schirwinds Germany. . . . I cant find Schirwinds

A search in ShtetlSeeker (Soundex/all countries) shows that the town formerly
known as SCHIRWINDT is now KUTUZOVO, in Russia. The coordinates are 5447
2251. It is located 582.3 miles W of Moscow. I assume this was formerly in
East Prussia and is now part of the Kalingrad enclave.

Please, everyone, learn to use the Jewishgen Shtetlseeker. It's quick and

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Michael Bernet

BERNET, BERNAT, BAERNET etc >from Frensdorf, Bamberg, Nurnberg, (Bavaria)
KONIGSHOFER: Welbhausen, Konigshofen, Furth (S. Germany)
WOLF, Sali & Rachel, Rotterdam, murdered by Dr. Petiot, Paris ca 1942
WEIL[L], Albert, Fr. hon. consul in Nurnberg; returned to France 1936/7.

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