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Paul Fisher <fisherpaul@...>

Are there immigrant/ship arrival records >from Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan in
the 1900-1910 timeframe? Carol Adler Zsolnay

Dear Carol,
They're called St. Alban's lists. They are soundexed >from 1895-1925. I
have found 16 relatives that way. It includes all ports of Canadian
entry into the US.

The Mormon Family History Centers (FHC) have them. The records are
soundexed and full of info including birthplace, nearest relative in old
country and to whom they are going in the US.

Some National Archives have them also, mine doesn't.

If you get them at the FHC they are listed in the CD Rom catalog under
Author: United States; Subject: Emigration and Immigration then scroll
until you find St. Alban's. You will need the soundex code for your
relative and then you will find the proper microfilm reel to match the
soundex code.

The soundex and manifests are listed on the same reference. This is
important because the manifests are not referenced. So in 2-3 weeks
when you find the date of arrival of your ancestor's ship you will need
to go back to the CD Rom catalog and look arrival dates.

Just go to the same reference and after the soundex codes are listed you
will find the dates of arrival.

Good Luck,
Paul Fisher
Atlanta, Georgia

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