Re: Schirwindt (Germany, Russia ?) #general

Martin Miller <millerm@...>

Be careful, it may not be _quite_ this easy. This is not the only

Enough confusion has been caused in our family among members who are from
the Schirwindt Michael cites, which I believe was across the border from
Kurdirkos Naumiestis in Lithuania (Naishtat). They would rather the family
had been >from Germany proper, Berlin preferably, and have adopted one of the
others as their birthplace, especially since one of them had a lovely
write-up in the NY Times Travel Section some time ago.

Martin Miller in Syracuse, NY

Valerie Gold writes:
my gt grandmother came >from Schirwinds Germany. . . .
Michael answered:
SCHIRWINDT is now KUTUZOVO, in Russia. The coordinates are 5447
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