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Carol Skydell <skydell@...>

For those of you how might have missed the first announcement
posted earlier in September, the JewishGen College is reopening
with a course prepared by Mark Heckman, lecturer and researcher
in the computer sciences department at UCDavis.
Mark is teaching "Creating a Webpage" and we are hoping to
train a large contingent of folks who can then meet the
committment to volunteer to either the Yizkor Book Project to
get their translations online, or to develop your own page on
your ancestral towns or shetls, adding to the growing list on

Rather than repeat the entire message here, please refer to the
JewishGen Discussion Group Archived Messages. The subject line
on the first message was JewishGen College Re-Opens. You can
retrieve the message, read all about our plans, and if you do
decide to enroll, what kind of committment you are making.

Since many questions have come in regarding the course, Mark
has prepared a Q & A as follows:

A number of people have been asking questions about the
JewishGen webpage course, wondering if they will have the time,
expertise, and software to successfully complete the course.
Because most of these questions are similar, I'll post answers
to them here for the others among you who might be considering
signing up for the course and who have similar concerns.

Q: I'm not sure that I have enough time to do the lessons. How
much time will the course take?

A: There will be roughly 20 lessons over 10 weeks. I am designing
the lessons so that they won't take more than 1 hour each, even
for someone who is completely inexperienced with webpages.
Hopefully, that won't be too much of a time commitment for
anyone who is really interested in working on webpages for
JewishGen. After all, if you don't have that much time to work
on the class lessons, how much time will you have to work on web

Q: I will be on vacation at some time during the course. Will I
miss any lessons and will I be able to catch up?

A: The lessons will be sent to you via email, so you won't miss any
lessons so long as you don't delete your incoming mail. Because
each lesson takes a relatively short amount of time to complete,
you should be able to catch up fairly quickly even if you are
gone for as much as a week.

Q: The course is scheduled to begin on Sukkot. Will people who
observe the holiday be behind right >from the start?

A: Although the first lesson will be mailed out that day, it
will stay in your email inbox until you are able to get to it,
and the first lessons, especially, will be fairly easy, so no
one should find it difficult to keep up with the course.
Because the course will last 10 weeks, we cannot delay the
startup any later or else the course will extend into the school
winter break, when many people will be traveling and they will
miss the most challenging -- and interesting --- part of the

Q: I don't have Microsoft Word or Wordperfect, but I have
another word processor. Will that work for the course?

A: We won't actually be using a word processor in the course.
The webpage editor that we will use has many similarities to
word processors, however, so you need to be familiar with how
to use word processors like Word and WordPerfect. Those were
intended to just be examples of word processors, not the
exhaustive list.

Q: I already have Netscape Navigator. Is that the program
that I need for the course?

A: Navigator is a web browser, but it is only one part of
the suite of programs called Netscape "Communicator." The
webpage editor that we will use is another program in that
suite, called Netscape "Composer." If you just have Navigator,
you will still need to download the complete Netscape
Communicator package, which includes both the latest Navigator
and Composer.

Q: I already have Netscape Communicator Gold (version 3.4).
Can I use that?

A: Yes, it includes an older version of Composer, but the
user interface menus have less functionality than that of the
latest version. Some of the course lessons might be confusing
to you, but you can use it.

Q: I'm trying to download Netscape Communicator, but for some
reason either I can't download it or it just takes way too long.
Is there some other way that I can get the program?

A: Yes, here are several other ways:

1) Marjorie Rosenfeld reports that you can order the program on
CD-ROM, "available >from Netscape (1-800-638-7483) for $10 plus
$3 for shipping and handling and whatever the tax is." Be sure
to order it early so that it arrives before the class begins.
Marjorie also says that CompUSA quoted her a price of $69.95 for
the disk, which seems pretty steep for what is basically a free

2) There are books on Netscape that I've seen at Barnes and
Nobel, among other placess, that include CD-ROMs. These books
may run $30-50.

3) Some internet service providers (ISPs) provide free CD-ROMs
that include Netscape Communicator. I obtained a copy off a CD
from Netcom that I obtained at a Computer City store. You don't
have to sign up with the ISP to be able to install the software.

Q: I am already familiar with a different webpage editor. Will
I get anything out of the course?

A: That depends on how familiar you are with building webpages.
If you are already pretty good at webpage layout, using tables
and images for example, then you probably won't learn much more
in the course. If, on the other hand, you already use a webpage
editor but only for simple webpages, and you would like to learn
more advanced techniques, then you will certainly get something
out of the course, and the techniques you learn using Netscape
Composer are general enough that you can use them in other
editors as well.

Enrollment is currently underway....and will close on Oct. 4th at
10 p.m. Houston Time

To enroll in the course send an email to and say

subscribe webpage <your first name> <your last name>

Hope to see your name on the list!
Happy New Year to all
Carol Skydell and Mark Heckman

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