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Gillian Zebaida

I am trying to find out anything I can about Gladys Atkins who lived at 38
Hemenway Street, Boston, 15 in the early 60's. She was divorced from
Larry Atkins prior to 1946. She came to visit my family in London in 1961/62. She took ill here and returned to the US via ship. Apparently she was taken off the ship in NY probably to a hospital, where she died. >from a photograph I have of her I would calculate that she was in her late fifties or early sixties. She did not have any children. Although the name Atkins does not, I think, have too many Jewish connotations, she was born in Russia/{Poland of Jewish parents, her mother, being my grandmother's sister...(name unknown). She described herself as being my grandmother's long lost niece! Can someone please tell me how to go about trying to find the death certificate, so I can learn of her parents' names. Her divorced husband then proceeded to marry the daughter of another of my grandmother's sisters - (also deceased), which caused a major family scandal at the time.

Gillian Zebaida.
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