Re: Locating Ships Passenger Lists #general

Howard M. Rensin <hrensin@...>

If your information on the dates of arrival of the ships in N.Y. came
from the Morton-Allen directory, you need to be aware that directory can
be a day or 2 or 3 off one way or the other. You need to look each day
either side of the M-A date and if still no luck, expand to 2 days
either side. I have not seen it more than 2 days off but perhaps others
in this newsgroup have had that experience.
Morton-Allen is a great reference and many of us would be in the soup
without it, but its not always absolutely exact on dates.

Carole/Phil Silverman wrote:
My grandfather emigrated to the US by ship via Antwerp Belgium to New
York in 1905 in the month of October. ... However, the microfilm that
should have had the ship, Kroonland, arriving in New York on October 10,
Howard M. Rensin, KC3D

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