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AvrmGeller <avrmgeller@...>

I'm not sure how answering your questions will help you find Florence
Abramowitz currently, but here are some suggestions: Roselle High School is
now called Abraham Clark High School at 122 E. 6th Ave, Roselle, NJ
908-298-2002. Perhaps you could locate the high school yearbook for 1941 etc.
at the Roselle Public Library at 104 West 4th Avenue Roselle, NJ 908-245-5809.
The Elizabeth Public Library at 11 So. Broad Street, Elizabeth NJ would
certainly have a telephone or city directory >from 1951 which lists all fur
shops in the yellow pages. The phone there is 908-354-6060. I have used this
library and it is excellent. I would suggest that you search the Elizabeth NJ
newspaper archive >from the 1940's and 1950's for a marriage announcements for
Florence Abramowitz which is probably indexed. Another excellent resource
which I have used which is indexed and is available at the Newark Public
Library, Washington St, Newark (NJ History Room) is the surname index to the
Newark Evening News (now defunct) listing every surname that appears anywhere
in the paper, sorted alphabetically by year. As the largest NJ newspaper at
the time, there may have been a marriage announcement or, who knows, some other
news article mentioning Florence Abramowitz. Finally, just because I have
insomnia and nothing to do, I did an internet telephone search for Florence
Abramowitz. I did not find any in the U.S., but when I ran F. Abramowitz for
the state of NJ, I came up with one listing, as follows:
F. Abramowitz
201 N. Bridge
Ft. Lee, NJ 07024-5906
Good luck finding your aunt!
Avrum Geller
New York, NY

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