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Elyse Eisenberg <eisenberg@...>

This may seem like a very obvious question, but since I am having some
trouble finding additional info, I thought a post might help...

Are the microfilmed passenger lists that one can photocopy at the LDS
centers identical to the ones that can be ordered >from NARA? Does NARA
have other arrival record info? This isn't clear >from the FAQ Files.

I am asking because I have passenger lists for two sets of
g-grandparents, but I have seen additional tidbits of microfilmed info
for each couple. One is an passenger arrival list into NYC in 1891, the
other is a 1903 Hamburg departure list. Only the Hamburg list says
which city in Russia they were from.

I have seen an LDS microfilm >from the HIAS which says that the first
couple (whose home city was not listed on the passenger list) were from
Pinsk and that they were met by their brother-in-law (no name mentioned)
living at a specific address. However, the LDS filmed only one side of
the index card and it appears that there is additional info on the back.

I wrote to the HIAS requesting a copy of whatever records they had,
giving them the date of the ship arrival, etc, but unfortunately they
wrote back saying they have no records or other information.

Has anyone else had better success with the HIAS? Where are the index
cards that the LDS filmed if they don't have them? They were not able
to find any info on several sets of ancestors, even though I had arrival
info, including ship and dates, on several of them. I was very
disappointed, especially since I had to pay for all the searches anyway.

On the other g-grandparent, the Philadelphia Soundex for Passenger
Arrivals microfilm mentions an occupation, that they were going to stay
with a brother (name and address listed), and that a sister met them at
the wharf. But again, only one side of the index card was copied and
some info is missing, like the sister's name which I still don't know.
Unfortunately, I have not yet located this passenger arrival list at the
LDS, even though I have the ship and date of arrival.

Would the NARA Passenger List have all this info? Any other ideas where
I could look?

Thanks for your help.

Elyse Eisenberg

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