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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Phillip Lederer >from Rochester, NY asks about Hresihlavy and nearby Prasny
Ujzed in the Pilsner Kreis. The family names he is looking for are TAUSSIG
and LOEBL.

Phil writes: "Apparently there are no vital records for these places. I went
to visit Hresihlavy two years ago and visited the cemetery. The cemetery is
a wreck - with very few visible stones and most up ended, fallen or destroyed."

Phil gives us no dates so it is hard to zero-in on these families. Firstly,
there are no TAUSSIG in the Pilsner Kreis in 1793 - but there are two LOEBL
families - more about them later.

Gut Praschnoaujezd/Prasny Ujzed is certainly well represented in the 1793
census with 17 families: BLEIL; GEWURTZER [U umlaut]; HEUMACHER; KANTUREK;
SCHWARTZ; SPRITZERx2, WOLFNER and ZUCKERMANN. Mostly they are involved in

Two caught my eye as unusual: Lewy WOLFNER deals in textiles, sugar and
*coffee* and Moyses MARSCHAL is a "Gehilfstrager" - an occupation I have
not seen before in the census [vol IV p162].

Hresihlavy has a record number of alternative German spellings in the
1793 census - 7 in all - inc. Rzeschohlau and Rezschohlau.

Family names here are BOBEK; EISNER; KORETZ [all living away >from the

There should be 15 Schutzjuden families on this estate, so perhaps Zinner
and Zeinner count as one family?

Randy Schoenberg also asked about ZEIMER [* footnote] - but here is a
perfect fit: Nephthali ZINNER [butcher], wife Sara & sons Abraham & Salomon;
daughters Catharina, Paula & Rachl [sic].

As for the LOEBL families in the Pilsner Kreis, there are only two and
from the evidence, I think the name was originally LEWITT. The father
Johannes [Jonas] LEWITT died on 11 July 1793 [footnote Vol IV p128] -
he was listed as family No 1 - a distiller and textile merchant in Gut
Steinnowitz [Stenovice] with a married son Abraham [tobacco concession],
sons Davit and Moyses and four daughters. We then find Moises LOBL
[umlaut], a textile merchant, married with a daughter. Moises obviously
has a Familiant position in his own right - he is listed as family No 3
in Gut Steinnowitz. But the note under the standard census heading "ist
possessionirt und besitzt" ie owns or inhabits re property - gives the
game away! It reads:
Lives with his father in No 1 ie Moises LOBL is the son of Jonas Lewitt
[Vol IV p129].

This is a wealthy family with four domestic staff inc. a teacher called
KAUFMAN >from Brandeis.

Next to Jonas LEWITT lives Mayer LEWITT [Family No 2], a widower with
two daughters, who is the local Jewish tax collector and is probably a
brother of Jonas. There are two listed daughters.

The other LOBL is Juda LOBL [umlaut] - a school teacher in Steinnowitz
School - he, like many teachers in Bohemia of 1793 came >from Moravia. He
is married and has sons, Marckus, Laser and Davit and a daughter [Vol IV p130].

So here we have names LEWITT and LOBL as well as ZINNER, ZEINNER and ZEIMER
who may all have originated >from two families in Gut Steinnowitz and Hresihlavy,
Pilsner Kreis, respectively. Whether ZINNER/ZEINNER changed with time to
ZEIMER or there were later mistranscriptions, I have no idea. It is likely
in these two cases, that personal choices were made to differentiate between
members of the same family by using slightly different family names in 1793.

Celia Male [U.K.]

Footnote: Randy Schoenberg's ZEIMER tree:

1 Joachim ZEIMER*
(2) 1.1 Naphtali Herschl ZEIMER married Sara in 1775
(3) 1.1.1 Abraham ZEIMER married Magdalena POLLAK in
(3) 1.1.2 Salomon ZEIMER married Elisabeth DEIMEL in
(3) 1.1.3 Catharina ZEIMER
(3) 1.1.4 Paula ZEIMER
(3) 1.1.5 Rachel ZEIMER
(3) 1.1.6 Fransziska ZEIMER (1794 - ) b. 1794,
Hresihlavy, married Jacob Isak JONTOF-HUTTER (1786 -

So apparently, the name was Zinner in 1793 and Fransziska just missed
the census!

All volume and page references in the posting are to the 1793 Jewish
census of Bohemia.

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