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Dear Jewishgenners,

I have read many times that some of you have lost your addresses. How
awful. I have 300 people on my mailing list and I copied the whole lot and
put them into WORD. I saved them and printed them out.

For those who don't know how it works please follow these easy steps.

1. Highlight the whole address book
3. Press COPY
4. Exit the programme.
5. Go into WORD (or whatever programme you use)
6. click on Edit and choose PASTE.

VOILA. Your whole add. book appears.


Those of you with Databases and family Tree Maker, Save everything onto
disc. I save my database twice a week and it is on two different discs.
Rather spend a few minutes saving the info, than a heartbreak later on.

I hope the moderator regards this as Genealogy! It isn't really, but it is
meant to assist all Genealogists .

To end off this letter, I would like to wish you all a Wonderful Year,
filled with Health, Happiness, Joy and Peace - and only good things for you
all in the years to come. A Good Fast.

Anne LAPEDUS BREST, Sandton (South Africa)
LAPEDUS/LAPIDUS (all spellings) Lithuania, Latvia, Poland.
BREST - Bauska, Latvia.
HODES AND LEIBOWITZ - Pikeleh (Pikeln)

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