British WW1 Service Records #general

Stephen Mednick <cssaus@...>

For anyone interested in obtaining the records of British Servicemen
from WWI, I've come across some information that may prove useful in
their research.

Apparently surviving service papers relating to army officers discharged
prior to 1922 are not available at the PRO under classes WO339 & WO374.
The documents are apparently well indexed and relatively easy to

FOr ordinary solders >from WWI, the records are gradually being release
for public inspection. The documents were helpd at the War Office when
the building was bombed in 1940 where a lot of the records were damaged
and mostly destroyed by fire & water.

The surviving records which comprise about 40% of the original holdings
are held at the Ministry of Defence and it's possible to make a request
to the Ministry to search for a particular document. The surviving
documents are apparently in the process being microfilmed and they're
planning on releasing by the first letter of the surname. So far N, O,
Q, U, V & Z have been done and the films are available >from the PRO.

However, the above problems may be circumvented if one of the following

A number of soldiers served in the army prior to WWI, were discharge and
then reenlisted in 191, it's possible that the documents covering the
earlier period are located in a class known as W097.

Alternative, when a soldier wwas granted a pension, a duplicate service
record was passed to the Ministry of Pensions. These records have
survived intact and are held in a class know as WO364.

I hope this information may be of use to some people.

Stephen Mednick
Sydney, Australia

MEDNICK (Kalius,UKR & London,ENG)
SACHS/SACKS (Kalius,UKR & London,ENG)

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