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Recently Jim Yarin eluded to a CLAMPETT connection to the BOWDINE family of
Tennessee. I have done some research on the CLAMPETT family. They are from
the Moscow area. Originally the family name was KLAMPETOV. Men in the
family typically made their livings as mohels. It was a trade taught from
father to son. During the persecutions of the early 1800's most of the
family left Moscow with one branch entering the US through the port of
Charleston. The specific intinerary is unknown and the details were
retrieved >from family legends that were recorded in song.
The family name was changed to CLAMPETT shortly after arrival in the
US. The family settled in rural areas and subsisted on hunting, fishing and
physical labor. The skills acquired in Russia were not of much help. Due
to their arrival long before the major waves of Russian immigration they had
little in common with their German coreligionists. Some how they maintained
a Jewish identity. In the late 1950s or early 1960s Jedidiah CLAMPETT
became involved in the oil business. He was succesful and relocated to
Southern California with his nephew Jethro BOWDINE (Yitro ben Aharon) and
daughter Ellie Mae (Elisheva Malka bat Yedidayah). Jedidiah's mother also
accompanied him on the move.
I have more info for those who are interested.

Have a happy (early) Purim,

Matt Friedman

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