Re: Ilka/Isadore/Israel? #general

JJG613 <jjg613@...>


Does this ILKA come >from the same town or have any other information in the
manifest listing that would lead you to believe he is the same person other
than age and occupation?

I think you have enough for reasonable suspicion that it is, indeed, your gggf.
In my estimation the surname is not all too common and since some other
important criteria fit you may assume it is him.

However, until you get more solid proof you can only assume and not be certain.

The manifest often lists important things such as birthplace, place traveling
from, nearest living relative in place alien is traveling from, etc.

Do any of these things match other information you have?

Jonathan Goldmacher
JRI-Poland Project
Project Coordinator
New York, NY

Searching: GOLDMACHER, GOLDMAN, MAK, MALOWANCZYK >from Poland (Przasnysz,
Pultusk, Ciechanow, Nasielsk, Neistud, Mlawa, Sierpc, Serock, Warsaw)

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