Israilovka & Kremenchug, Ukraine #general


I am researching the shtetl of Yaza or Israilovka, located near Kirovograd in
the Ukraine. According to my ggf this community was started by Litvak Jews
who were settled there in the late 1820's by Tsar Nicholas as part of an
attempt to create a buffer against the Turks. They were given land and draft
exemption. I know that a couple of years ago there was a war crimes trial
involving the murder of 20 Jewish children >from Israelovka by Ukrainian
officers--events that took place in the summer of 1941 during the Nazi
Operation Barbarossa.

I am seeking any info on the community and also information on the surnames
SAKHNIN, ZASLOFF and SHEVELEV. Abraham Sakhnin was my ggf, born in 1879. He
migrated to NYC in 1904. His first cousin Alter Sakhnin went to Buenos Aires
and his sister Gitl married a man named Loshkin and went to Siberia. The
ZASLOFF's were his maternal side first cousins who also ended up in NYC. My
ggm was Leah SHEVELEV. Her mother was Hannah KHUSEVITSKY, >from Kremenchug, the
daughter of a rabbi and Hannah's mother was DUKIROVA. She was a feminist in
the 1860's and protested the fact that she couldn't be a rabbi herself.

Aurora Levins Morales

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