Sources for NYC obits #general

Peter Blood <nowy@...>

How would I identify sources to do obit lookups in the NYC area?

FYI: Four are my Jewish Ellis Island immigrant great grandparents. All
died between 1938 and 1960 in the Bronx. I have death dates for all. All
emigrated between 1895 and 1905. Two were >from Russia for whom I believe
Yiddish was a first language. Two were >from Austria (Galicia) for whom I
believe Polish was a first language. One was a granduncle who immigrated
with them at the age of two and died in 1990 on Long Island.

Although all had interesting lives, they were not famous. Does this mean
it would be unlikely for them to be in the New York Times? What papers
might they be in?

Peter Blood

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