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Dr Saul Issroff <saul@...>

Gail Dechter writes:

Would anyone know if Jews >from the Riga, Latvia area would have been
sent to concentration camps during World WarII?
The main books:
The Holocaust in Latvia, 1941-1944 the missing centre, is by Andrew
Ezergalis. The Historical Institute of Latvia Riga and USHMM Washington
1996. isbn 9984 9054 3 8
Pinkas Hakehilot Latvia and Estonia. Dov Levin. 1988. Yad Vashem.

The Germans occupied Riga on July 1 1941. There is little doubt that the
Latvians started killing the Jews prior to the occupation
The majority of Riga's Jews (29,602) were put into a ghetto of 98,000
sq.ft of space. Most were killed in Rumbuli forest on 1 December 1941.
The killing continued until dec. 9th. Jews were brought >from other parts
of the Reich to be killed here also. Some came >from Kovno and Siauliai
in Lithuania. There were satellite labour camps, e.g. Kaiserwald.
Towards the end of the war most Jews in these camps were also killed.
The remainder were sent to Stutthof.
When Riga was liberated on October 13, 1944 150 Jews, including children,
came out of their hiding places.

I suggest you:
Subscribe to Latvia SIG discussion group on Jewish Gen
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If you are not in Israel get a professional Holocaust Researcher to
research at Yad Vashem for you. I can recommend one if you email me
Dr Saul Issroff

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