Boston Atheneum #general

Don Saklad <dsaklad@...>

Jewish Geneological Society of Greater Boston's
Resources for Jewish Genealogy in the Boston Area 1996
did not include Judaica, genealogical and family
history related collections of the Boston Atheneum.

For you folks who have yet to read it, college or
public library branch librarians can acquisition a copy
from JGSGB or borrow RJGB via interlibrary loan for
library users' home use.

1. Have any of you folks details about Judaica,
genealogical and family history related resources at
the Boston Atheneum?

2. Which Boston Atheneum curatorial personnel have
special interests that could include Judaica, genealogy
or family history?

Don Kempner Warner Sheml Saklad
Cambridge MA

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