Hispanic Genealogy #general

Carol Rombro Rider

For those of us with roots (Jewish or otherwise) in any day present Spanish-
speaking area, this might be a helpful genealogy group. I have found it
useful for helping me research my family in Mexico.

Carol Rombro Rider
Baltimore, Maryland USA

BILINGUAL-SP-L is an email group for any Spanish-speaking
genealogist with an interest in any country where English is the
native language, and for any English-speaking genealogist with an
interest in any country where Spanish is the native language. All
messages are posted to the list in both English and Spanish. If you
are not bilingual, and you do not have computer translation
software, a volunteer will add a computer translation to your
message before sending it on to the list.

To subscribe, send a message to BILINGUAL-SP-L-request@rootsweb.com
with a period (.) in the Subject line and the single English word
"subscribe" (without the quotes) and no additional text in the body
of the message.

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