How might this phonetic surname have been spelled in Lyakhovichi? #general

Risa E Heywood <risah@...>

I have always suspected that my FEDER family's name had been changed. I
recently received two birth certificates >from London, circa 1900, where the
surname was phonetically spelled VEDUKE and WIDYOU. Originally, I had heard
that the name was FEDYUK. These three names could all be the same if
pronounced with a Yiddish accent to an English speaking clerk. How might
the name have been spelled in the Pale?

I am seeking a couple of real possibilities to use when looking at records.
I understand that spelling was really irrelevant, but need a starting off
point. The Daitch-Mokotoff Soundex gives about a 100 possibilities.

Thank you,

Risa Heywood

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