Researching: NAGEL in Batelov CZ #austria-czech

robert fraser <robertandginafraser@...>

Dear Friends -

I'll be visiting, amongst other places, Batelov (formerly Battelau) in Czech
Republic in May this year. I'll be there very briefly, probably just for one
day at most, in the company of a local researcher/guide (whose name I may
not mention but seasoned AustriaCzechers will probably guess who he is).

I would like to locate information on a relative, Moritz NAGEl, my late
mother's maternal grandfather. I know when he was born, as the date is on
his gravestone in Vienna ZFH, Tor 1, but all else I know is that he was
"reputedly" born in Battelau.

It seems that he became quite wealthy in Vienna through his rubber importing

I've never done any research on him, so can anyone suggest where might I
seek some further information on him?


Robert W Fraser
Dianella, Western Australia

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