Searching: SHEAR/SCHER #general

Rita Margolies <b4kids@...>

My pgf's name was Max SHEAR on my father's birth certificate in 1911.
(Later on the spelling changed to SCHER).I have his death certificate that
says he's >from Russia. It gives his father's name as William and mother's
name as Fannie GOLDSTEIN. I also know he was a patient in Central Islip for
20 years and that he died there. I know he was naturalized but I have no
idea when. That's my hard evidence.

There is no one alive now that knows anything about him. I have his death
certificate. I've written to Central Islip for information, but I have no
idea whether they'll be able to supply anything useful. I don't know if he
had brothers or sisters, or whether his parents emigrated with him. I've
written for my gp's marriage license info--guessing they were married about
a year before my father was born since there was little birth control in
those days.

Does anyone have any other suggestions since I would love to find other
relatives if they exist?


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