Re: Inns in the late 1800's in Poland #general

David Fielker <david@...>

According to my great-aunt Pessel, my great-grandfather Nahum SCHNEEBAUM
ran an inn in Pelnatycze, near Jaroslaw. He used to drink with the local
priest once a week, but on Saturday nights she had to be kept >from the bar,
where fights would break out.

My STIEGLITZ family ran an inn in Filipkowce, near Mielnica.

According to Suzan Wynne's excellent book "Finding your roots in Galicia"
(publ. Avotaynu), some 85 per cent of rural Polish Jews were engaged in the
liquor trade, but in 1910 Jews were forbidden to sell alcoholic beverages,
so 15,000 suddenly lost their source of income. This presumably triggered
the subsequent emigrations to the UK and the US.

David Fielker
London, UK

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