New info on Tarnobrzeg #general

gayle riley <key2pst@...>

On a new subject I have come accross two new books on Tarnobrzeg:

1. Republika Tarnobrzeg, memories of the the comander of the Polish army
stationed in Tarnobrzeg, many picture, written in Polish, some info on the
Jews during the 1916 - 1939, a long Bibliography, only available at the LOC
and NYPL, inter-library loan >from LOC.

2. Menories of my Sthetl, Dzikow, in Yiddish, a few photos, I do not know
which library has this book. I borrowed it >from a friend. I will be
translating the Table of Contents, and posting it on my Sthetlink page on
Jewishgen, soon.
There is some new info out >from Poland on immagration, written in Polish
about various countries and the peole they took in including passport
records and more. Watch for further development on these new records and
their location, archive wise. Gayle

EDER and SCHLISSEL >from Tarnobrzeg

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