Nurnberg Historian in Jerusalem's Old City || Schwartz? || info on Cantor Katz? #general


==I recently posted an enquiry about a Cantor Katz >from Nurnberg, Germany, who
was cantor in Newfoundland >from 1938-42 when he left for the USA. I want to
thank all who gave me information--you've been very helpful.

Someone sent me a message about a man--I think his name was Schwartz--in
Jerusalem's Old City. He is around 70 years old, and is considered THE
historian of Nurnberg's Jews. I was very excited and hoped to meet him on my
trip to Jerusalem in mid-October.

==I got the message complete with address and telephone number--but before I
could utilize it, Yom Kippur came and wiped out the file (together with my
sins, I hope). I feel very stupid and want to apologize to the sender Does
anyone know this Mr., Doctor, or Rabbi Schwartz, in the Old City of Jerusalem?
Do you have his address or phone number? He has no e-mail, and I was told to
write him in Hebrew or in German--and I don't have much time left to contact

==I'm interested in any information on the Jews of Nurnberg, and those of
Bamberg and its surrounding villages.

==Please send replies to me at <A HREF=""></A>
with a copy to <A HREF=""></A>

==Gmar Chatima Tovah to all (May you be sealed for a good year)

Michael Bernet, NY

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