Jewishgen success story! #general

Ben Green <bcgreen@...>

Dear JewishGenners-
I am writing to share with you all a success story that would not
have been possible without JewishGen and, especially, the incredible
help of a subscriber named Naomi Fatouris.
Back in 1995, I posted a message asking if anyone had ever heard
of a man named Senia Solomonoff, who was supposedly a famous ballet
dancer in the 1920's, or of Senia's brother, who was a concert violinist
in South America. Senia and his brother were the sons of my
great-grandmother's sister, whose name I did not know. I got no
response, and gave up on ever finding any information about that branch
of my family tree. And when my second daughter was born in Nov. 1995, I
quit reading my JewishGen messages, for lack of time and energy. So,
when a man >from Kiev named Vitaly Kanevsky also wrote to JewishGen
looking for information on his great-uncle, Senia Solomonoff, I did not
notice it.
Naomi Fatouris, however, DID notice, and knew at once that Vitaly
Kanevsky and I had to be related to each other. (Up until that point, I
did not know that I had any living relatives in Russia, and Vitaly did
not know he had any in the US!) Naomi tried to reach me, but my e-mail
address had changed. She did not give up, and finally wrote to Susan
King, who tracked me down with a letter by snail-mail. I immediately
e-mailed Naomi, who put me in touch with my "new" cousin, Vitaly.
I just received e-mail >from him this morning, and have already
written him back. This is, by far, the biggest genealogical
"break-through" I've had in all my years of researching, and without
Naomi and JewishGen, it would have been completely impossible! As I
told Naomi, to find information on one's ancestors is thrilling enough,
but to find living, breathing relatives you didn't know you had is
really a miracle!
Thanks again to Naomi, Susan King, and to all JewishGen readers -
keep up the good work - anything is possible!

Tracie Schneider

SCHNEIDER of Kiev; CHNAYDER of Havan, Cuba; TUVLIN of Gaysin and Uman;

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