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Hello Genners,

I thought I should share a method of Census searching I discovered
(or have others used it?). I was searching for the family of my
g-grandmother in the 1900 census. I knew the names of her siblings and
her mother, but I did not know her father's name. By going card by card
through the index (skipping every card that was in the wrong county), I
was able to find her after about a half hour of searching. She had a
common name, Abramson, but this method would be very easy to use on rare

Also, I am searching for descendants of Henry and Rahcel ABRAMSON.
Both were born in Russia in 1862. They married c. 1873 and lived in New
York until c. 1889 when they moved to Philadelphia. Their children
(many of whom also used the name ABRAMS):

Kate b. 1884, m. Abe DENNENBERG
Harry ABRAMS b. 1886, never married
Ida b. 1888, m. Ralph BORMAN
Eva ABRAMS b. 1892, d. c. 1924, never married
Yetta b. 1894, m. ? INGRAM, first name unknown
May (Naomi?) b. c. 1896, m. William WARD
Lillian b. 1898, m. Michael SERODY
Bea b. c. 1900, m. Joe CAPLAN

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Matthew Meisel

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