ZERMAN Delayed Birth Certificates & 1905 NJ Census #general


Dear JewishGendom,
I had read about delayed birth records, but this week I had my own
initial first-hand experience with actually seeing and using such a document.
Moreover, I received in the same mail not one, but *two* records both marked
"a true photostatic reproduction >from a microfilm image of the original
These Certificates of Delayed Report of Birth were for members of the
ZERMAN / SHERMAN family which had lived in Trenton, NJ, and Atlanta, GA, circa
1905-1910. (I am researching this ZERMAN /SHERMAN family because it appears
their family surname was changed >from SURINAMER, and I am assiduously
endeavoring to attach them to my main ancestral line....)
It certainly was very helpful to receive these delayed birth
certificates. Not only did the documents list a date of birth as well as the
full name of both the father and mother, but these records also revealed the
very evidence the individual applicants had cited as proof of birth: their
respective listings on the 1905 New Jersey state census!
So, naturally, now I know I need to obtain a copy of the ZERMAN family
listing at 89 Union Street, Trenton, on the 1905 State Census.
If anyone out there has ready access to the 1905 NJ State Census, and is
familiar with using it, I would appreciate hearing >from you. I would be happy
to reciprocate with research on Long Island or in NYC.
Happy Sukkot with all its Sukkah-hopping and Lulav-waving to all!
Judi Langer-Surnamer Caplan <Judith27@aol.com>
Long Beach, NY

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