GERSHONOVITZ, Feygel and family #general


A dear long-time family friend and neighbor just opened up to me a little bit
about her Greenberg-Sleyzing (Germany) Concentration Camp experience and the
long death march she took and escaped >from as a teen. She was >from Southern
Poland at the time of WWII and her mother's maiden name (and her name in the
camp) was GERSHONOVITZ, even though her true maiden name was ROSENBERG. Upon
surviving the war, she desperately tried to find her maternal aunt Feygel
GERSHONOVITZ who was living in England and who was married with two daughters.
She did not remember or know her aunt's married name and could not find her.
She wants to know what ever became of her and her first cousins. She is now
an elderly woman and this has been something she's wanted to know since the
war. Does anyone have the name in their family or on a list they've seen or
can offer advice since not having the married name of this aunt is a major
handicap (as it was at the end of WWII). --Please contact for Evelyn: Karen

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