WOLK/VOLK of Kovna Giberna #general


I have just discovered the connection between the WOLK/VOLK family line in
connection to my grandmother's rabbinical HaCohen FRANK-BARON of Kovna Giberna
line today and hope this new information will lead to connections with other
Jewishgenners with WOLK/VOLK family.

My Great Great Grandparents were Raycha (WOLK) and Rabbi (I don't know first
name) FRANK. (Raycha would have been born ca. 1840-50. Their daughter Chana
Zeeza (FRANK), a famous talmudic scholar and rabbi's teacher in Kovna Giberna,
married Rabbi Schlomo Meier BARON, a teacher of Talmud Torah in Kovna Giberna.
(They would have been born ca.1860-70). They lived in Vilki/Vilkiji when my
grandmother RUCHEL ("RACHEL") was born in 1890 and their other daughter GITEL
was born. Rabbi Schlomo Meier BARON died in his 30's-early 40's of a heart
attack and Gitel was sent to live with one of his wealthy landowner BARON
brothers. She married a SEGEL/SIGEL lumber/tree inspector, etc....

Rachel (BARON) KIRSNER/KIRSHNER had close WOLK/VOLK cousins who lived in
Brooklyn, NY. She was living in Philadelphia with a BARON uncle and Frank
relatives lived in PA. She settled in Altoona, PA and later the Bronx and
information about the WOLK/VOLK relatives died along the way.

Does anyone have this WOLK/VOLK family connection >from Lithuania? Does anyone
have rabbinical lists of any sort that would help in finding out the name of
My Great Great Grandmother's father and her FRANK husband's first name?
Please contact: Karen via KKirshner@aol.com

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