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Hello. My name is Drew Techner. I hope the following information may be
familiar to some of you:

My great-grandparents were Moishe (Moshe, Morris) TOCHMAN and Yetta (Ida)
TARTAEKOVSKY of Kishinev. Moishe TUCHMAN died between 1903 and 1905 in
Kishinev at the age of 35 of "an appendix burst", but I suspect he was
a victim of the Kishineff pogroms. He was a businessman.
Yetta's surname is also listed as BATOFF. Their son Srul TOCHMAN (Israel
TECHNER) came to the United States in 1912 at the Port of New York and
resided in Columbus, Ohio for seven years. In March 1919, he went to
Philadelphia. His brother Mendel and sister Mollie also came to the
United States and settled in Philadelphia. Mendel, or Max TECHNER married
a KIMMELMAN. Mollie married Philip ASROFF. Philip died sometime in the

Upon his arrival to New York., Israel TECHNER met "cousin" Jonas

Israel met and married Dwoire POMERANCZ (Dora POMERANTZ).Dora (1897-1969)
was born in Brusania (Purdzania) in Grodania (Grodno). Dora's parents
were Joseph POMERANCZ and Jennie KRASNE (KRASNEFARBER). Dora's sister
Katie (1895 - 1982) married Harry BENKIN (1894-1981). Harry's parents
were Abraham and Bina.

Dwoire POMERANCZ met her "uncle" D. STAKO (1021 S. Reese St. Phila.) upon
her arrival to the U.S.

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