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Peter Zavon <pzavon@...>

Marcia Meyers wrote:
I will be London at the end of October. Are there any archives for
passenger lists
The Public Records Office has the original Passenger Lists required to be
created under English law of the time. They are in boxes by port and then
in rough chronological order. These lists were created >from 1895 onward.

Marcia, the fly in the ointment >from your point of view is that the lists
were only required for transatlantic departures. So if your grandfather
traveled >from Galicia to England and then went on to America, there might be
an entry for him on a list relating to the departure >from America. There
would NOT be an entry for him relating to travel to or >from the mainland of

For those whose people DID travel on to American, the fly in the ointment is

First, These lists have never been microfilmed, so you must visit the PRO
either personally or by proxy through another researcher if you are going to
see them.

Second, The information on the English lists, gets more informative the
later they were created, but they are invariably LESS informative that their
American arrival counterpart. So, unless you want the list as a matter of
completeness, the only reason to look for an entry in the English departure
lists is if you have been unable to find the corresponding entry in the
American arrival lists.

Peter Zavon
Penfield, NY

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