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==The name Mary Magdelena in the New Testament is derived >from the Hebrew name
Miriam, bat Migdal. She came >from the town of Migdal (Majdal) on the West
shore of the Sea of Galilee. I have never heard of a Jewish woman known as
Magdalena, but I have heard of Jewish women in Europe called Magda which, I
assume (purely a guess) is short for Magdalena, and (again a guess) Madeleine
is probably also a corruption of Magdalena, but is not totally unknown among

==Only among Christians would there be any association between Magdalena and
any of the derivatives of Miriam such as Mary, Maria.

Michael Bernet
My Dutch founding father, originating >from Oestinghausen(Prussia) had at
the "naamsaanneming" in 1812-the Napoleon edict on the adoption of
a family name-a daughter named Maria.I have the certificate to prove
it.He was very much a religious Jew, and calling his than a year and a
half old daughter Maria, seemingly didn't bother him.In the kille
Maria was known as "Mietje".It all points to Miriam.
Needless to say that they(and me) are pure Ashkenazim.
As my teacher at a course on genealogy by the Diaspora Museum(Beth
Hatfutsoth-Tel Aviv) used to say:-
in genealogy everything is possible.

Shalom >from Israel,

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