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D. Abrams <dabrams1@...>

Searching info about or descendants of Lieb SCHECHNER and Pifa BRANA from
Burakuvka (or Buryakovka), Galicia who married in the mid 1800s. Their
children, all born in the same village, included Munisch (b. about 1855),
Selig (b. about 1868), Etta and Mirka who married a man named Yussel

Munisch married Leah ROSENBAUM and emigrated to the Bronx, NY in the early
1900 with their children Harry, Sadie, Fannie, Annie, Morris and Betty
SCHECHNER. The two boys became grocers and all the girls except Betty were
married to grocers.

Lieb and Pifa's daughter Etta SCHECHNER married a man named Josef GREENSPAN
in Burakuvka. About 1914 their daughter Sarah married Pinchas EISNER whose
descendants Lieb and Selig (Leon and Stanley) emigrated about 1949 to
Toronto where they still reside.

Does this village or these names ring any bells for anyone?

Dena Abrams
Merrick NY

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