Dreyfus Family #general

Henry Wellisch <Henry_Wellisch@...>

In the Canadian Jewish News there appeared recently a letter by a lady who
visited the grave of Captain Alfred Dreyfus in the Montparnass cemetery in
Paris. She writes as follows:

“As I read the inscription, I couldn’t help but notice an added
A La Memoire de Madelaine Levy, Deportee par les Allemands, Disparue a
Auschwitz A L’age de 25 ans. I was immediately touched by the ironies of
life. Alfred Dreyfus who suffered such indignities >from anti-Semitism in
the late 1800s lost a loved one in Auschwitz years later. I wondered who
she was, a granddaughter perhaps?”

Does anyone of our French experts have the answer to this one?
Henry Wellisch

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