Report from Lodz #general


Yesterday I said a Mourner's Prayer at the graves of my great grandfather,
HERSZ MORDCHAJEWICZ vel AJNENBAUM (1820-1900), and my great grandmother YENTA

Lodz is the city that my Mom & Dad and all of my grandparents were born in and
coming here for a visit was something I've wanted to do for many years. I had
to do a lot of tramping through an overgrown cemetery but it was well worth

I also visited Aleksandrow where another great grandmother, RUCHLA LEAH
(GORZEWSKI) RUDEK (1828-1894) was born.

Tuesday I celebrated Succoth at the Lodz Jewish Community Center. They had a
Succah (sp?) but we ate inside because it was too cold for the old people
outside. We had a meal exactly like my grandmother made and it was wonderful.

In the next few days I'll be visiting Zdanska Wola, Brezin and Lask for more
research and then off to Cracow and Auschwitz.

I haven't sorted out all my emotions as yet, but there's a lot spinning around
in my head and stomach.

Howard L. Rosen holoro@...
Mountainside, NJ

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