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In a message dated 98-10-06 21:46:05 EDT, cited my

==Only among Christians would there be any association between Magdalena and
any of the derivatives of Miriam such as Mary, Maria.

and apparently wanted to argue the point. He wrote

<<My Dutch founding father, originating >from Oestinghausen(Prussia) had at the
"naamsaanneming" in 1812-the Napoleon edict on the adoption of
a family name-a daughter named Maria.I have the certificate to prove
it.He was very much a religious Jew, and calling his than a year and a
half old daughter Maria, seemingly didn't bother him.In the kille
Maria was known as "Mietje".It all points to Miriam.
==That's the point. Marie and Maria, derivatives of Miriam, are to be found
in Jewish families; Magdalena is a most unlikely name for a Jewish woman.

He adds:
<<Needless to say that they (and me) are pure Ashkenazim. As my teacher at a
course on genealogy by the Diaspora Museum (Beth Hatfutsoth-Tel Aviv) used to
say:- in genealogy everything is possible. >>
==Can we please get away >from this sort of statement that smells of "racial
purity"? Besides which, such a statement cannot be true. Sephardi and
Ashkenazi Jews "seprated" comparatively lately, and there was always migration
and intermarriage. Or as bnnch himself quoted: << in genealogy everything is
possible>>. Including having unexpected ancestors >from another country.

BTW: my English teacher told me that if something is "needless to say," it
doesn't need to be said" <g>

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