Dreyfus Family #general


Name: Stephen A. Cohen (JewishGen #12106)
E-mail: <gen@nassau.cv.net>
Fax: (516) 826-5056 (24 hrs)
Date: 10/9/98 Time: 6:29:02 PM
In yesterday's bulletin was an inquiry concerning the
descendants of Alfred Dreyfus:

A recent news program on I believe the Art and Entertainment
chnnel had data on the grandchildren of Alfred Dreyfus who were
active in the French resistance during World War II. On
survived but another was catured, tortured and later killed by
the Germans.

L'Shanna Tova,

Stephen A. Cohen

PS: I am researching the following families:

BAUM-Germany:Bosen; EISENKRAMER & LEFEVRE-Germany:Rhineland
Palatine; BASIST-Lith: Vilna or Vilnius, Belarus:Lida District
COHEN & SHEINHOUSE-Belarus:Radoshkovichi & Molodechno
BIRNBAUM & GOLDBERG-Poland: Krakow; Geller-Poland: Mielec
KREINDLER-Poland: ALL; Leinkram-Poland: Krakow,Ireland, England
SCHNEPS/SHNEPS-Poland: Debica/Dembitz & Tarnow

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