Citizenship #general

Jean A. Holz <jholz@...>

Greetings. Has anyone else "out there" been unable to get any
information on their ancestors because one of them never became a
citizen? My grandfather Joseph GOLDSTEIN (nee Joseph SHER) became a
citizen before he died in 1918. Unfortunately, no one knows where his
papers went. I had been told that he became a citizen in 1892 or 1894.
We know he lived in Quincy, Massachusetts. My Grandmother, Rose
ABROMOWITZ (spelling varies) married him in Lithuania and my Uncle
William Bernard GOLDSTEIN was born in Lithuania. We think my Uncle Bill
became a citizen by virtue of his father's citizenship, but have been
unsuccessful in find the papers through INS/Justice. I have requested
another search of Uncle Bill and his Wife Anne SMITH (nee Muschel
ZUCHOWITSKY). I can understand why she took the name Anne SMITH.
Auntie Anne's family was >from Hartford or New Haven, CT. All
suggestions gratefully accepted. TIA. Jean Holz -

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