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In his message dated Wed, 07 Oct 1998 (#29) Henry Wellisch asked
information about a relative of Alfred Dreyfus, named Madeleine.

There were several replies, but there was an error : I want to clarify that
she was Madeleine LEVY, and not Madeleine DREYFUS, since her mother was
Jeanne DREYFUS and her father Pierre-Paul LEVY.

Captain Alfred DREYFUS had two children : Pierre Leon DREYFUS and Jeanne
DREYFUS, with several descendants.

Jeanne DREYFUS married Pierre Paul LEVY. They had 5 children, among whom
was Madeleine LEVY. As it was answered before, she was born on 18 November
1918 in Paris.

During WWII, Madeleine LEVY was in the Resistance, as a member of the very
wellknow network "Combat" and she deserved the "Croix de Guerre avec
palmes" (War Cross with bars) and the "Medaille militaire" (Military Medal).

She was deported with the transport # 62 which left Drancy to Auchwitz on
20 november 1943.

One of Madeleine's siblings is Jean Louis LEVY, married Jeanine MOSSE. They
had two daughters who died on 26 July 1963 in SKOPLJE (Yugoslavia) when
happened that terrible earthquake.

Several Dreyfus family trees were published here and there. Dr Henri Claude
Mars, the expert in DREYFUS families (some American people use to call him
"the greatest Dreyfusologist in the world" ;-) who is (also) a member of
the Cercle de Genealogie Juive in Paris, published one in the bulletin # 36
(4th term 1993) of this Association. For your information, the family tree
of A. Dreyfus's wife, Lucie Hadamard, was published in the same review (#
40, Winter 1994).

Another very interesting and very well documented Dreyfus family tree was
published in "A la decouverte de leurs racines", by Joseph Valynseele and
Denis Grando, tome II.

Eve Line Blum
Besancon (France)

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