*Re: the name Miriam/Magdalena #general

Tom Venetianer <tom.vene@...>

MBernet@aol.com wrote on Thu, 8 Oct 1998 18:52:05 EDT:

==That's the point. Marie and Maria, derivatives of Miriam, are to be found
in Jewish families; Magdalena is a most unlikely name for a Jewish woman.
Honestly I don't wish to take this thread much further but what Michael
says doesn't stands for Hungarian, Slovak and Brazilian Jews. Madalena
(Portuguese), Magda (Hungarian and Slovak) and Magdolna (Hungarian, pet
form Magdi) are and were in the past *very* much in use by Jews >from those

My 2 cents if they are worth something ;)

MODERATOR'S NOTE: The writer took the words right out of my mouth. It's
time to end this thread.

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