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suzanne henig <mountolive@...>

Dear Mr. Gross,
My mother and I spent fifty-three years looking for any survivors of her
family, Gottesdiener of Poland, without success. We wrote every
organization you mention and I even joined a genealogical grouop. Nothing.
She died ten years ago and I am keeping my deathbed promise to continue the

Last week someone told me about this website.I put on an inquiry. I had
more than 40 personal responses with lists of names and addresses of
possible Gottesdiener relatives in Krakow, Germany, London, Israel and the
U.S. The names are still coming in. I am in the process of writing
everybody and will keep jewishgen posted. Already I have found a very
distant cousin. I have had more responses in less than a week than in more
than half a century.

Do not, I pray you, discourage anyone >from using this marvelous internet
vehicle as a means of BOTH genealogical finds and relative reunions. The
people on this discussion group are among the kindest, most erudite and
helpful I have ever known and I am a senior citizen.

Dr. Suzanne Henig
San Diego
James Gross wrote:

It may be my imagination, but it seems that several people
are using surname posts as a way of making contact with
distant relatives. <big snip>

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