Help with Naturalization #general


I've been very lucky at the FHC here in L.A., to receive information from
some very knowledable and giving people who have taught me so much about
taking advantage of the extensive information available to us. I've just
spent two days in SLC and realized that there is so much more I don't know.
Being part of this list also makes that clear on a daily basis. Rather than
post and ask for lookup favors, I would like to learn how to accomplish this
myself. I would very much appreicate it if someone would contact me directly
to answer some specific questions, procedure for finding Naturalization Papers
being only part of what I'm looking for. Thanks very much.

Meryl Persky
Calabasas, Ca.
DUNITZ (DUNETZ) Kovel, Russia, SALTZMAN Kovel, Russia, KETCHMAN Russia
KELLNER Oustra-Polia, SUBMAN Oustra-Polia, HIRSCH (HIRSH) Grybow, Poland
LEDER (LEDERER) Ryglic, Galicia, GOLD Russia, SPERBER, SHEIER Galicia,

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