Re: Jewish Historical Project of North Dakota #general

DAVID SNYDER <ds66@...>

Dear fellow JewishGenners-
I am writing in regard to an old article I read >from Avotaynu (July
1985, vol.I) about Jewish homesteaders in North Dakota. In this
article, the Jewish Historical Project of North Dakota was mentioned and
I am interested in contacting the individual(s) who run this project -
if it still functions.
I am desperately trying to locate documentary evidence of a branch of
my family - TEITELMAN, who farmed in North Dakota until 1910-15ca.
After leaving the farm this family moved to Minneapolis where the father
was murdered while at work - apparently a hate crime.
If anyone has any information as to the current status of this project
I would be extremely grateful to hear >from you.

David Snyder, Tel Aviv
searching:BOCALTER/BUCHALTER, Bogopol (Pervomajsk) >Aleksandrovsk
(Zaporozhye) > Philadelphia & Saskatchewan; TEITELMAN, Nikolayev

Aleksandrovsk(Zaporozhye) >Philadelphia & North Dakota.

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