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Dear People,

On Oct.11,1998, (messsage #36), Elaine Lyon asked about a book on
"Kolemeja" or "Kolemaya." In ">from a Ruined Garden." Kugelmass and Boyarin,
ed., Indiana University Press, 1998) YIVO head librarian Zachary Baker lists
two books:

Kolomyja (AH [Austria-Hungary])

Pinkes Kolomey {Memorial book of Kolomey]. Ed. Sh. Bickel. New YOrk,
1957. 448 pp. ports.[portraits]. (In Yiddish).

Sefer zikaron le-kehilat Kolomey ve-he-sevivah [Kolemeyer memorial book
(title in English)] Ed.D. Noy, MM.Schutzman. [Tel-Eviv]: Former Residents of
Kolomey and Surroundings in Israel.[1972], 385 pp., ports., facsims. (In

Unfortunately, at present and for the near future, there are no quick
ways to read most Yizkor books, no matter the language in which they may have
been composed. Sometimes people individually or collectively pay for
translations of only the indexes and a list names appearing in the book they
are interested in, rather than pay for a much more costly translation of the
entire book. Jewishgen has a Yizkor book project which one can learn about in
its files. At present the project is headed by Joyce Fields.

It is not easy to drum up interest in paying for translating a Yizkor
book or even finding someone to undertake a translation. :-)


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