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michael slifkin <slifkin@...>

This isn't correct. For a normal certificate of marriage not taking place in a
C of E church, one must give three weeks notice to the local registrar of
marriages. He then displays the application outside his office. However these
are not the banns. Banns are read in church.
I was a marriage secretary for 17 years in the UK and have some knowledge on the

Michael Slifkin
Jerusalem Israel

Michele Anderson wrote:
To my knowledge, bans or banns are a notice declaring the intention of
In English law, before a religious or civil marriage can take place, the
bans must be exhibited in a public place and/or read in the place where the
marriage is to take place.
I believe that the idea is to give an fore warning to anyone who has reason
to object to the marriage with knowledge of a "legal impediment". This
could be that the bride is under age or that one of the partners is already
I should imagine that this is a legal requirement in most places or are
bans not read in the U.S.?>
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