Re: Family Base #general

Carol Skydell <skydell@...>

To address the concerns some of you sent us regarding being
spammed by the purveyors of Family Base:

1. The JewishGen list of subscribers is available to no one!
We neither sell, nor allow anyone but our own administrators who
have a "need to know" access to this list.

2. Because JewishGen is mirrored to the newsgroup
soc.genealogy.jewish which is accessible to the world, when you
post a message your email address becomes available to any
company willing to invest in the software to capture email
address >from a particular newsgroup.

This is one of the primary reasons we are interested in raising
enough funds to enable us to operate a private newsgroup on our
Lyris listserver. Then and only then will names and email
addresses be protected >from people who want to sell you programs
and other genealogically related materials.

Carol Skydell
JewishGen Operations

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