Re: Farkas from Hungary #general

Vivian Kahn

I don't think I was the person who posted the message to which Marilyn
responded, but I do have a FARKAS relative >from Hungary. My great-uncle
David BERKOVICS fm Ujvaros, Hungary, (now Orasu Nou, Rom.) married Sarah
FARKOSCH. They emigrated to the US sometime after 1912 and moved to Detroit.
Their son Jacob BERKOWITZ, who was born in Hungary in 1912, worked for the
Ford Motor Co. at River Rogue. He died in 1981 in Livonia, MI. I would
appreciate hearing >from anyone with info on this family.

Vivian Kahn, Oakland, CA


BAAL/BERKOVICS/BERKOWITZ/ROTH/Orasu Nou, Satu Mare, Rom. (Ujvaros, Hung.)
;/Ujvaros, Szinervaralja, Hung. (Siene, Rom.), NYC, Detroit, Israel
KAHN/KAHAN/COHEN/Sighetu Marmatei, Rom.(Sziget, Maramaros, Hun), London,
NY3:26 AM 10/17/98C, Los Angeles
MOSKOVITS/MOSKOWITZ/Ostrov (Ozstro), Sobrance (Szobrancz, Hun.),
Michalovce, Slov. (Nagymihaly, Hun.), Munkacs,Ungvar, NYC

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Marilyn Mesh wrote:

I am so sorry, but I accidently deleted this email and know someone
whose mother was a Farkas >from Hungary. And nothing I seem to do in
AOL will get it back for me. So, PLEASE, whomever posted this, email
me privately and I will pass it on. Thank you.

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