Help with names please #general


I'm looking for Passenger Arrivals and have checked the Soundex Passenger
Arrivals films without luck! I would appreciate input on the variations of
these names: Isaac, Morris, Dora, Harry and Lina. Isaac was >from Kovel
Ukraine. Morris and Dora were >from Russia but I do not yet know the town.
Harry and Lina were >from Galicia. Thank you all in advance for your valuable

Meryl Persky
Calabasas, Ca.
DUNITZ (DUNETZ) Kovel, Russia, SALTZMAN Kovel, Russia, KETCHMAN Ukraine,
KELLNER Oustra-Polia, SUBMAN Oustra-Polia, HIRSCH (HIRSH) Grybow, Galicia,
LEDER (LEDERER) Ryglic, Galicia, GOLD Galicia,
SHEIER Galicia, SPERBER Galicia

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