Re: Joseph BAUCH (1827 Prague - 1892 Vienna) + Francisca GRUNFELD (1833 Humpolec? - 1915 Vienna?) #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Peter Rohel asked for data on Joseph BAUCH Born: 1827
in Prague Died: March 7, 1892 {Mariannengasse Wien IX}
Joseph became "Secretary General" of the Anker
Insurance Co. in Vienna. Peter then writes: "I was
told there may be a reference to Joseph BAUCH in:
"WStLA, Altmatriken, Israelite cult municipality,
duplicates, B 5/1 24: Duplicate to the Sterbebuch in
1892, registration number 1134".

In 1855, Joseph married Francisca "Fanny" GRUNFELD
(umlaut over U) Born: 1833 in Humpolec/Humpoletz?
Died: 1915 in Vienna?

Father: Dr. Cbizorgus? GRUNFELD was born in
Humpolec/Humpoletz and was a "Surgeon (Feldscher)" in
the Imperial Austrian army. Son: Emanuel, went into
the Textile trade and later opened a "Cotton Printing
Factory" in (unknown)? Son: Bernhard, became a
"Physician" in Zatec (Saaz), south of Humpolec".

Peter; I suspect that the family changed their name to
BACH. I found this grave in the Zentralfriedhof,

BACH Josef aged 65 died 07.03.1892/09.03.1892
BACH Fanny aged 82 died 05.12.1915/07.12.1915
BACH Alfred Dr. aged 80 29.06.1937/17.08.1937
BACH Rudolf 11.10.1932

And you can see the marriage in 1915 in Vienna listed
on the IGI site too - so the data should be at the IKG
in Vienna [with Josef's parents names, hopefully].
Again, the name on the IGI index is given as BACH.

When we get the Prague Jewish census of 1793 we may
find out more.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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