*Re: problem with mapquest maps #general

Tom Venetianer <tom.vene@...>

Unfortunately this is a problem with Mapquest, which doesn't happens with
Microsoft's Expedia (instead of a star it places the location's name). What
you can do is to print the page, then the star shows. Of course you get all
the trash around the map.

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Annette Lackman wrote:

Need help with a problem printingmaps >from the shtetlseeker/mapquest.
When I click on the coordinates after finding a shtetl, I get a map with
a red star designating the shtetl--this map is surrounded by all sorts
of browser graphics which I do not wish to print. When I click on
"printable map," I get a map sans all the browser graphics, but also
sans the identifying red star. Does anyone know how I can get the red
star to print?

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